Sharpening Servicing

Looking after your scissors is very important. Just like a car, your scissor should be serviced every 10-18 months depending on the type of hair you cut, the technique wet or dry hair and very important how many scissors you use if you use only one scissors for everything they will wear and tear faster and your work is more time and energy-consuming.
I have been trained in Japan and in my opinion, Japanese Stylist is great hair sculptures considering the tuff stiff Asian type of hair.
They use at list tow different length scissors and tow different thinning scissor and a texturises.

Your E.Beu scissor must always be serviced by E.Beu artisan technician but we will sharpen you old scissors too.

The service includes: 
-pre-service inspection
-high polish to correct any edge faults and damage
The scissor will be sharpened by hands only no MACHINE involved the same way the famous samurai masters treated and maintain the high-end tools in ancient Japan. 
We know how important your tools are for your daily business. 
We are the only company in Uk that sharpened only by hand with Japanese wet stone according to the survey. 
If you are based in Greater London we will visit you in your promises to sharpen them in front of you so you see touch and feel as we hade done for the last 20 years, if you are far away (abroad )we can have a live video call so you see when I am sharpening you scissor live exactly how we sharpened and the effect before and after. 
Why is that important to sharpened by hand in wet stone :
It prevents any heat on the blade that not only burned the blade but it grained the edges of the blade reducing dramatically the life and durability of your scissors as machine sharpening will do.
It takes not more than 3-5 minutes to sharpen a scissor with machine
It takes me from 20- 35 min to sharpen one scissors by hand taking great care and passion to highest standards and satisfaction, I love doing what I do
The scissor will be balance check the stopper, centre assembly and finger rest and make any required corrections and replace any parts that are not satisfactory or consumed from use.
Scissors are tested both wet and dry hair:
- cleaned
- polished
- oiled
- Lathered
and returned to you in perfect condition as they were brand new.
It has happened often the client has expressed:
“The scissors come back from sharpening better then they were brand new“
Please note that it may take up to 12 days to have your scissors back, in case you have only one pair we can borrow you a pair to continue your daily activity free of charge, you will need to pay for post and handling only .

We service any brand of scissors. 

Please inform us in advance of any specific problems or discomfort you may be experiencing with your scissors. If you have dropped them or any accident.
The scissors will be worked on once we have received the payments of £25 sharpening only.  When you pay please put your full name and surname as a reference to ensure we know you have made the payments. 
If your scissor have other damages we will inform you the work needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Mail wrapping advice:
Wrap your scissors in the manner they are safe in the box with cardboard or cushioning material to ensure that the tip of the scissors do not pierce the outer packaging. 
The scissors must be closed to protect and prevent any postal and handling accident and further damages. 
The scissors should be in a scissor box in a padded envelope.
Sender’s name surname address and telephone number must be visible on the outer packaging.
Just in case we need to contact you directly to speed the process of returning the scissor, use a ‘Signed For’ postal service to obtain proof of receipt.

Send the scissors to the following Address:
Beu Scissors Ltd

Edmonds Beu
40-42 Brooke Road
Unit 5

Contact us
Edmonds Beu
(+44) 07984479003