The Story

"I have always been intrigued with forms, shapes and designs from a young age and this has been my passion throughout my life and has shown through my designs and artistic expression."

"Edmond Beu, CEO"

I studied Shönne Kunste in Germany and I was able to develop my skills with oil painting, ceramics, metal and wood sculpturing.  In London I furthered these skills with a BA in Applied Art and further studied MA in Product Design, Innovation Management, both where accomplished in Middlesex University.

 For over 15 years I have designed and distributed innovative luxurious scissors, that have practicality, latest innovation and trendy designs. For me a scissor is not just a tool but a jewellery that expresses the artistic nature of the person using it, with its unique features that demonstrates the passion and creativity of the stylist. My scissors allow the stylist to show their elegant styles by sculpturing their client’s hair with an exceptional finish.

Over the years I have developed and perfected my product that is appreciated by the most famous art directors in to the most junior hair stylist. It has been a pleasure helping each one of them find their unique luxuries tool that will help them in implementing their creative talents.

 For me it is important that every single pair of scissor is designed, crafted, shaped and forged by the best craftsmen in the world. In the same way that Japanese ancestors use to forge Samurai swords, with the highest minerals and metals that create long lasting durable luxuries scissors that are individually hand made to perfection for individuals. This can include specialised hand measures scissors and customised with your name or initials.

Passion Statement

My passion is to incorporate supreme design, ergonomics, quality and functionality to my unique luxurious beautiful scissors. At the same time forming a perfect extension of your hands and fingers, allowing the scissors to sit comfortably in the hand whilst meeting different individualistic needs and helping stylist achieve the ideal cutting sensation as they work.

The artistic visuals are exposed by the scissors taking centre stage, piloted by the hand of the professional. The exclusive finish of the hair and the model is showcased to represent the emotionality of the stylist and the industry. The precious high quality materials used together with the latest innovation and technology permits the high degree of sharpness, comfort, look and long life durability