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Double Blue Ocean Scissor Deal

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DOUBLE DEAL: Get a TWO scissor, Hairdressing Cutting Scissor + Thinning Scissor for £1500 instead of £2000. 

Thinning Scissor:

E.Beu Blue Ocean Thinning Scissor 30T/2G

This luxury trendy Blue Ocean hair thinning scissor is forged and ergonomically hand made by Japanese masters to give a professional and unique finish. This limited-edition Blue Ocean thinning offset scissor has been perfected with a high degree of sharpness, comfort and durability.

The Blue Ocean has 30 teeth and can express various textures, volumes and lines. The semi convex blade offers a sharp cut and the offset allows the weight to be ideally balanced, for minimal fatigue. The screw mechanism allows the stylist to fine-tune the cutting tension in moments.

The use of rare precious metal such as Carbon, molybdenum vanadium steel, ATS, V10 and cobalt creates excellent sharpness, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion-free and toughness. The molybdenum vanadium series is suitable for blunt cutting as it cuts the hair without letting it escape on both wet and dry hair, whilst the carbon enables this luxury scissor to be lighter.

Cutting Scissors:

E.Beu Blue Ocean Cutting Scissor

The Blue Ocean is great for slide cutting, blunt cutting and all-round use as it stays sharp for longer.

The offset handle in both scissors and Thining scissors E9 brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting and the solid finger rest can never come loose and get lost. The tension system creates an extra smooth feel to the scissors you can tighten or loose the tension in both scissors and Thining scissor with your finger helped from the build-in clicking mechanism.

The Double Blue Ocean Scissor Deal was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024