E.Beu Gold Lion Damascus Scissor
Hairdresser Professional Scissors
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E.Beu Gold Lion Damascus Scissor

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f you buy the E.Beu Gold Lion Damascus Scissor you will receive 3 additional scissors of your choosing from E.Beu personal catalogue.

40 years warranty + Including dropping + scissor repaired free of charge

The Gold Lion most expensive E.Beu Scissors, handcrafted the same way that that legendary samurai blacksmith created and sculpted their sow a technic that has been passed from generation to generation. I am very honoured to have visited those big Well respected Masters to their workshops and experiencing how the tolls are made from rocks of minerals to metal blades.

The Gold Lion is not just a scissors but two mini sows put together crating the most durable unique tool in the world that's is made by melting and forging deferent metals and allows like steel and iron in a charcoal fire to enrich the metals with very high carbon intend from charcoal and keep the atmospheric oxygen away. 

Damascus steel is made (Cast wootz) by melting together iron and steel together with charcoal under a reducing (little to no oxygen) atmosphere. Under these conditions, the metal absorbed carbon from charcoal. Damascus steel is made by forging wootz into swords and scissors.

The original Damascus steel swords may have been made in the vicinity of Damascus, Syria, in the period from 900 AD to as late as 1750 AD.
But was perfected from samurai masters is Japan Damascus steel is a type of steel alloy that is both hard and flexible, a combination that made it ideal for the building of swords.

Damascus is a famed type of steel recognisable by the watery or wavy light and dark pattern of the metal. Aside from being beautiful, Damascus steel is valued because it maintained a keen edge, it is hard and flexible. Weapons and tools made from Damascus steel are vastly superior to tools made from normal metals

To temper up to a blade, the metal muss is heated up to 2,300 degrees until it glows like a sun in desert and cools in different liquids(is believed the samurai cooled the metal in humans blood from a very strong man thinking will take their strong spirit) to a purple colour hammered when is about 1,700 degrees repeatedly for a very long time even days in one blade to perfection folding heating and hammering the metal over 30/37 times end und up hundreds of layers.

Thought heat and hammering three atoms of iron are mended in carbon to give the blades strength, yet not enough to make them brittle

There are two authentic types of Damascus steel: cast Damascus steel and pattern-welded Damascus steel but other methods have been found to create the pattern of Damascus (watery look like) with softer un expensive metals fabricated on big sheets of metal fused together but not forget that is the risen why some look like products are in the market but a lot cheaper as is understandably is not the real Damaskus.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the E.Beu Gold Lion Damascus Scissor.

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